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TypeApp is an email app proficient of managing an unlimited number of mail accounts from different providers that also allow push notifications. In one single place, you get a support of Exchange, IMAP & POP3 the configuration is automatic to make sure to instantly add any accounts you wish. It operates on Android, OS and it also has a desktop version to be used on your PC. It sorts automatic emails and separates them from other stuff in your inbox. It also supports wearable devices with many customizable settings. You can purchase TypaApp plus, or stick with the free account that contains soma advertisement.

Alternatives to Typeapp.com

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Gmail.com is an email service provider that provides email services to its clients. It is easy to use and secure. With Gmail, the user can get message snoozing services, RSVP to events, and view…

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Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest mail service providers. It provides its users with two mail plans which include one for business and a personal one. The personal plan is divided into Ad-free, plus…

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Protonmail is an e-mail system established in 2013 by scientists who came together with a more secure and private internet vision in CERN. Since then, ProtonMail has evolved into a global effort to…

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Outlook.live.com logo



Outlook.live is essentially used to send, obtain and store emails, yet it can likewise work as a tool for managing your personal information. It is powered by a software hegemon Microsoft. It…

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Mohmal logo



Although it is not very known, Mohmal.com deserves to be the first place among the temporary mail services with its many features. With this service of unknown Arabic origin, users can easily…

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Mail.yandex.com logo



mail.yandex.com is the link that users will type in the address line of their browser to reach Yandex Mail. Yandex Mail is completely free and it is one of the most popular mail applications all…

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Fastmail.com logo



Fastmail is an email service that helps its users to create email accounts. Apart from providing email services, Fastmail cares more about the privacy of the users. It keeps away advertisers and…

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Afterlogic.org logo



Findoutthetruth is a private investigator and background check site operating since 2002. It gained international recognition soon offering services such as assisted background checks, criminal…

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Posteo.de logo



Posteo.de is a Berlin-based independent email service provider that is greatly concerned with usability, privacy, security, and sustainability. This platform does not contain any Ads, and it is…

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Tutanota.com logo



Tutanota.com is an email service provider that offers end-to-end encryption to ensure security for the users. It is also open-source and provides its users an android application that is Google-free…

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Sparkmailapp.com logo



Sparkmailapp.com is a personal email client supported by both Android and iOS. It provides the user with sophisticated email tools, noise reduction, and email prioritization. This app prioritizes…

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Polymail.io logo



Polymail.io is a modern mail service provider that allows the user to receive all the necessary communications conveniently whenever they are needed. This mail service provider allows new users a 14…

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Spikenow.com logo



Spikenow.com is a platform that aims at bringing user communications such as voice notes, tasks, team collaborations, calls, chats and emails among others at one point. By putting all these forms of…

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Startmail.com logo



Startmail.com is an email service provider that has both basic and premium accounts. It is known for its excess security and surveillance to keep away the intruders. To get a feeling of the services…

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Mailpile.is logo



Mailpile is an e-mail sharing platform that emphasizes privacy and ease of use. People who want to use this system can join the system free of charge. Designed as an open-source and originally…

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Mailfence logo



Mailfence is a private email service provider which was launched in 1999 and is protected by the Belgian law. They provide a high level of protection to the users' accounts with the help of end-to…

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Email.it logo



email.it is an e-mail sharing platform designed in Italian, but it can easily be used in other languages thanks to the translate feature of the browsers. Opening an account on Email.it is free, but…

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Mail.teknik.io logo



Mail.teknik.io refers to a website that that was initially developed for IRC showcasing. However, with time, the site began offering different services to the channel members that attracted interest…

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Mailo.com logo



Mailo.com is an email service provider that, apart from mail services, it provides its users with an online storage platform for their documents and photos. It is well renowned as a professional…

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Turingemail.com logo



Turing is a platform that provides email and cloud services to facilitate the management of digital offices. This platform includes email, chat, tasks, calendar, notes, and address book menus. The…

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