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Deluge is a BitTorrent client with a beautiful interface. It is a cross-platform that is fully featured. Deluge has a GNU GPLv3 license, and it offers a free app that adheres to the standards of freedesktop, which allows its operation across diverse desktop environments. Numerous developers wrote it, which makes most of its features part of the plugin modules. It aims to be feature-rich, secure, and lightweight. Currently, Deluge version 2.0.3 is available and Windows, macOS and Linux, support it. It provides its clients with a plugin system, WebUI, Full Encryption, among others. Furthermore, it has a menu with Development, Bugs, Support, Forum, Plugins, and Download.

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Alternatives to Deluge

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Tixati is a Bittorent client that is easy and simple to use. It is 100% free and does not contain Ads or spyware. The native versions of Tixati for Linux and windows are also available. Users only…

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UTorrent logo


20 is the website where users who regularly download torrent from the internet can access the uTorrent app. On the site, the uTorrent apps that are designed for Windows, Linux and Mac, as…

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Vuze logo



Vuze is a torrent download program that allows users to watch, publish and share original videos in DVD and HD quality. Vuze (formerly Azureus) is known as a torrent downloader and content sharing…

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Transmission logo



Transmission is an open-source BitTorrent client that works based on vol. It does not depend on making money from the users by bombarding them with Twitter tools, flash ads, pop-up ads, and toolbars,…

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KTorrent logo



KTorrent is a BitTorrent client written in C++. The platform enables the users to download files by using P2P networks via torrent files. The system has access to BitTorrent, Bitoogle, Bytenova,…

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BitTorrent logo



BitTorrent refers to a San Francisco based internet technology company. It is designed to allow users to control their data and content and allow the continuation of technology developments through…

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BitComet logo



BitComet stands out as one of the most preferred BitTorrent programs in the torrent protocol with its powerful, secure, fast and easy to use structure. BitComet is a powerful client that can easily…

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Flud logo



Flud is an android app to download torrents easily, securely and with great speed. It's a simple app that is rich in content and features. It has built-in proxy support that hides the IP address and…

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LibreTorrent logo



Libretorrent is a torrent application that runs on Android phones and tablets. Through this app, users can download torrents directly to their mobile devices. Basically, it brings the convenience of…

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CuteTorrent logo



CuteTorrent is a platform designed to allow the fast sharing of torrent files. The application is a BitTorrent client built on a very light infrastructure and has a very simple interface. One of the…

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Halite logo



Halite is a GitHub based BitTorrent client that is written in C++. It largely depends on the Arvid Norberg libtorrent library. It is an open-source client that also depends on Boost Libraries. It is…

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RTorrent logo



RTorrent is a BitTorrent Client based on GitHub. It focuses on software building. It provides support to the community, with over 40 million software builders to allow them to work together, share,…

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QBittorrent logo



The qBittorrent is an app created for torrent lovers, as an alternative torrent downloader, which is produced on an open-source platform. Users can use qBittorrent in all operating systems with all…

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WebTorrent logo



WebTorrent is designed for streaming torrents on web browsers or on desktops. The advantage of the system is the fact that users do not need to install any extensions or plugins to run the WebTorrent…

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Aria2 logo



Aria2 is a free multi-source, multi-protocol, and lightweight command line. It is a download utility where you can get binaries and source distributions for Android, Windows, and OS X. it is a multi…

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FrostWire logo



FrostWire is a BitTorrent client used as a cloud downloader and media player. It is available free of charge for windows. FrostWire is also supported by other major operating systems such as Android,…

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BitLord logo



Bitlord is a C++ based torrent program that can download very quickly and make full use of the possibilities offered by the connection. This platform is an open and free program that allows users to…

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Shareaza logo



Shareaza is a platform, which is designed to allow users to downloads files from the most popular p2p networks on the Internet. Users may use this system completely free of charge, without exposure…

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Tribler logo



Tribler is a decentralized open-source BitTorrent client that allows its users to share, enjoy, view, and find content like pictures, audio, and video, among others. Its goals include sharing,…

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Xtorret is a macOS client dedicated to providing a variety of features to its users. Its great features and user-friendly nature gives a lot of popularity. It is fast to use and accurate when…

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BiglyBT logo



BiglyBT is designed as a BitTorrent client as a part and the follow up of the Vuze/Azureus project in 2003. BiglyBT developers have been working on their open-source client, which is full of features…

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Nicotine+ logo



Nicotine refers to a python written SoulSeek client that is based on Alexander Kanavin’s PySoulSeek project. Its user request policy is more lenient, and it makes use of PyGTK-2tolkit that provides…

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ßTorrent logo



Btorrent is an open web tracker that provides users with free services. Anyone can use it at any time from all parts of the world. The user is not required to index or upload torrents. Furthermore,…

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PicoTorrent logo



PicoTorrent is a BitTorrent client that is friendly to the users. It is efficient in windows whose memory usage is low but with high performance. It supports tunneling through HTTPS, SOCKS5, SOCKS4,…

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