WeTransfer and Digital Transformation Festival

July 31, 2020

Many of us know that WeTransfer cooperates with creative minds and graphic designers from around the world. They are also involved in many projects that should help newbies in creative industries and other conferences for designers. This year is no exception, and they are engaged in Digital Transformation Festival, webinars that should bring innovative thinking into our quarantine.

About WeTransfer. This file transfer service was founded in 2009, and since then, they are involved and produce a lot of creative projects. On their main page, you will find sketches, paintings in the background. In 2016 WeTransfer supported a digital design and innovation studio called Present Plus. On this channel, they are trying to share, teach, and simplify technology and create original content that attracts brands like Adidas, British airways, and Sonos.

In 2018 they hired app developers FiftyThree, whose portfolio included app Paper, an application known to designers working on the iPad. As I said earlier, this year is not an exception for WeTransfer to be involved in creative projects, and they dived in the Digital Transformation Festival, The Drum’s Creative Works, in partnership with Adobe Stock.

Everyone is an artist

WeTransfer collaborated with experimental artist Zach Lieberman, and they created a really awesome online experience. The whole project lies in people’s creativity. Now you can find a WeTransfer little smart game that is processing while you are waiting on upload or download.

You can spend 90 seconds manipulating with your cursor to bend and change a colorful image on your screen, and if you have a webcam or you are downloading/uploading on a smart device, you can also use your hands and head to manipulate the image.

Your result can be downloaded and shared with the hashtag #colorpush on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. All creations will be incorporated into an online gallery of user-generated art

We think that this collaboration is an excellent idea, and we can’t wait to see what WeTransfer will show us next time.