Rise of more comfortable video streaming with Mux?

August 27, 2020

Nowadays, it is the video’s most popular form of gaining information. Due to coronavirus pandemic, most teachers, teams, companies switched to streaming their lessons and sessions. Platforms like Youtube or Streams are most popular after social networks (Facebook) and search engines (Google). However, many platforms lose their objectivity and start baning and making restrictions for users. We don’t blame them, but most of us just want an objective and straightforward platform with original content.

It brings us to Mux.com. The project that raises over $20 million to make smoother video streaming and analytics. Raise was made in B funding led by Evolution Media. The total raised of the company is over $30 million. Let’s stop talking about numbers. Mux’s primary goal is to democratize video to make it admissible in the eyes of Youtube or other video uploading platforms. They want to make everything really simple for new customers and as less as possible of restrictions. They also focused on the quality of the video, and with many graphs and stats, it is easier to make eye-catching content. You are also able to see historical metrics like playback and encoding failures.

These days Mux proclaimed they support billions of streams and millions of viewers for customers like PBS, Ted, Udemy, Zeit, and many others. Gautam Shah Evolution vice president says: “Working with Mux over the last few years has been a delight. The demand for developer-first video infrastructure is growing even faster than we had anticipated, and the team at Mux is executing against the opportunity,” wrote Accel partner Dan Levine. “We’re excited to increase our investment in the company, and are looking forward to the next few years and beyond.”

The conclusion is that nowadays, you have to be prudent about what you want to say. New subscribers are also hard to get and where your forces end. Mux can help you grow.