Udemy brought us up to 95% off the prices of the courses

August 2, 2020

Last week we spoke about great Skillshare deals with their 3 months free premium trial. At the end of the article, We divided it into a short comparison between Udemy and Skillshare. In every way, let’s get some space to Udemy and its discounts.

Udemy was founded in 2009, and since then they provide a lot of video courses. Nowadays, they are one of the biggest teaching platforms on the internet. Like a Skillshare, Udemy also supports content creators and creative minds all around the internet. However, the model is different; every course has its own price. There were big deals right from the beginning.

However, now Udemy hit the new bottom. They offer courses only for 5% of the original price. That is wonderful; this decision was made due to the Covid-19 pandemic for all of us who want to involve their skills. You can find here classes for cooking, drawing, programming, sculpting, dancing, etc.

How is Udemy doing via this crisis?

The answer is well, popularity in some sections jumped by hundreds of percent. For example, the mindset courses grew by 231% in popularity, and creativity courses bloom by 84%.

The main reason to choose Udemy instead of Skillshare is the number of professional courses. We found out that Udemy has a greater amount of high-quality content. It is probably caused by a straight payment model, which is better for professionals. 

On the other hand, you can get burned by buying a crummy course that is not worth your money, and despite that, you can refund it is a hard and time-eating process. 

The conclusion is to try both Udemy and Skillshare. The safest action on Udemy is to buy high scoring courses. Skillshare is free to use, and you can use their 3 months premium trial then try every course you want to.