The notable business change of Uber and Bolt

August 16, 2020

Most of us used taxi alternatives Uber or Bolt at least once in a lifetime. These two companies took over people’s transport infrastructure in many cities. However, coronavirus pandemic shut down most of the transport services, or they have high amounts of restrictions. How Uber and Bolt are doing during the crisis, do they go bankrupt?

No, they did not, both switched to the food delivery. It was a brilliant move, and they have practice from the bigger cities, where this type of distribution is a standard. It also gives many jobs in these hard times. 

If you want to try this type of food delivery, you have to download Uber Eats or Bolt Food. Both apps are really comfortable using a simple switchable with the leading apps Uber and Bolt. Delivery costs just a few dollars, and it all depends on the distance between you and the restaurant. Uber Eats and Bolt Food are not only for people with cars, but it can also be a significant part of jobs or summer jobs for everyone. You can deliver on foot, with a bike or another typical or untypical vehicle. Same as the transport app, in Uber Eats and Bolt Food, you can set up higher standards and pay more for quicker delivery. The estimated times are between 25 to 60 minutes; this category also depends on the distance. 

The whole idea is excellent, and we are glad that Uber and Bolt illuminate this area before the coronavirus crisis because it inspires many companies and also local stores to do the same business. Good alternatives to these two are Wolt, GrubHub, DoorDash, Too Good To Go. Please do not delay to try these apps because many of them now offer remarkable promo actions with free delivery or discount coupons.