TOP 5 Streaming Platforms For Creators

April 13, 2021
Live streaming camera

It is no longer like in ancient times of the 2010s when finding a reliable streaming platform was a hard quest. Nowadays, almost all larger social media own their streaming platform, so you have a broad palette to choose with.

However, except for the fact that these are most accessible and a lot reliable they are surrounded by many restrictions which often leads you to find alternatives for your content.

In today’s article, we look at the biggest and most popular streaming platforms and at their smaller alternatives with fewer limitations.

Table of Content:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Uscreen
  • Contly
Twitch banner


Twitch is the only platform on our list which is focused merely on live streaming. This app is notorious among gamers, and in the past three years, it also funds a strong fanbase across all branches.

Nowadays, you can find everything on Twitch, from game streaming through cooking to IRL. There is no doubt that Twitch popularized and standardized live streaming to its current form.

The biggest plus is the community of Twitch and the most tuned system of monetization. Twitch has been a place to hide from strict TOS and banning, which is in progress on Youtube and Facebook. Nonetheless, these days Twitch is even under a brighter spotlight.

For incoming creators, Twitch is a great place to build a substantial audience. However, it is easier to be sunken between other creators. Low viewership on start-up streams is also very frustrating and can discourage many creators.

YouTube banner


As everyone most likely knows that YouTube is the largest video library on the internet. It serves primarily for entertainment purposes. Nowadays, you can find there everything from educational to kids’ content.

Live streaming came to YouTube already in 2013. However, it was used by a very small percentage of creators, and the reason may be limited functionality without a subscription system or indistinctness of the function.

YouTube live streaming picked up speed around 2016, and people accept it as a direct competition to Twitch. The famous red platform was for a long time behind Twitch due to stricter restrictions. Everything changed circa two years ago when the Twitch team also began tightening the rules.

Nowadays, YouTube is a full-fledged competitor to all streaming platforms. The best thing about YouTube streaming is the connection between your YouTube video library and streams. Every stream can be recorded and labeled for rewatching purposes which can help you build stronger infrastructure and upload on a single platform.

TikTok banner


Someone is maybe surprised that TikTok is on the list. Of course, I could choose Facebook or Instagram. Nonetheless, I personally think that TikTok made the best live stream service on mobile devices.

TikTok grew up into commendable dimensions and ranks among the most prominent social media of today. Besides the fact that TikTok is on the same popularity level as YouTube or Twitch, broadcasting on this app is different.

TikTok is specialized on smartphones and tablets, which is reflected in everything they do. Live streaming is no exception, and it is designed to be launched on your mobile device. Therefore it is more suitable for IRL content than games.

Uscreen banner


Now we get into a category that competes with large streaming platforms. Uscreen offering wholly different services. Here you can launch your platform with your own rules and live stream for your audience without restrictions.

Uscreen, Contly, and so the other similar platforms are not very well designed for beginning creators because you have to have some audience to lure people on your platform. I am not saying that it is impossible. However, if you want to build an audience faster, choose one of the previous three options.

Uscreen is best if you want to build everything by yourself. It will mediate you with powerful tools and take care of the technical side. So you can entirely focus on your craft. Uscreen also brings you custom monetization, a video library, and an option to launch OTT content. Nonetheless, unlike TikTok YouTube and Twitch, Uscreen has to be paid, monthly.

Contly banner


The youngest platform on our list. Contly falls under the same category as Uscreen. This platform was created in 2020 and offering access to all services for a lifetime. So, if you want to launch your own streaming platforms with no restrictions for free, Contly is an excellent option.

Another positive is that Contly came from the Czech Republic, which allows you to create an even freer platform. However, expect some minor technical issues because Contly is in the early phase and still needs many updates to be perfect.