Tildes on Gitlab?

August 5, 2020

Tildes is a community platform for sharing news, music, types, and instructions. The whole project is open-source, and now you can find and download their code on GitLab. The code is licensed as no-profit (AGPLv3), and it also remains open and free for everyone who wants to be involved. Tildes’ team also proclaimed that the page progress is also in the hands of the community, and development is going to be done publicly. 

In the future, Tildes aims to modernize its user interface and simplify the entire web navigation. They also reveal that the main goal for Tildes as an open-source project is the involvement of junior web developers and people that have no experience with web making.

Tildes as a Reddit alternative

Tildes started as a small project a few years ago. If I were to compare it to something, I would choose Reddit because Tildes works in many ways on the same principles. You find here categories like gaming, food, anime, creative, finance… and everything can be upvoted to a higher value of post and post with more upvotes are higher on the page. Same as Reddit is also the main bar with activity, votes, comments, new activity, and you can categorize posts by time with a simple bar. What is different? 

The significant difference I found is in tagging of the posts you have to “mark” everything with “~” and then it gets to the category, for example, “~gaming.” With this feature, Tildes can always be used in a web address without the need to be converted.

The website is free-to-use and works on the people’s donations model. The finest thing on this site is the fact that it is not under the viewfinder of media or other “internet controllers.” So you can freely share your ideas and comments on the theme. The website is also without ads and has a supportive community.