TikTok VS Clubhouse

March 9, 2021
TikTok vs Clubhouse

Undoubtedly TikTok is the fastest growing social media in the past year. Nonetheless, we got a new rising star called Clubhouse, which is a platform focused only on an audio and primarily older audience.

Are these platforms competitors? Are they worth your time? What do they do? How can you join them? All these questions and more will be answered in today’s article. Let us start with a brief introduction to each platform.

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How TikTok works?


Nowadays, TikTok is a well-known app that started back that started in 2016 and has grown to enormous numbers over the year of 2018. TikTok became popular primarily among young audiences.

The premise is simple. The app allows you to shoot 15 seconds long music videos or upload short videos in the range of 3-60 seconds, following the modern trend of an ever-accelerating society.

Tiktok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance which causes many political problems and security issues. For example, TikTok is completely banned in India.

The app is available in 39 languages on over 150 world markets and used by 850 million users, of which 66% are people under 30 years of age. TikTok is known for its advanced algorithms that will find you tailor-made content.

Clubhouse rooms page


Last year phenomenon. Clubhouse came from nowhere and immediately conquered many people’s smart devices, especially from the US west coast.

Why is this app so popular? Because it is bringing back real communication among people without distracting visuals. Clubhouse is audio-only and lets you ask everyone whatever you want, which is also the reason why the platform is popular mainly among older audiences.

At this moment, Clubhouse is used by celebrities like Jared Leto, Kevin Hart, or Drake, and you can find their rooms for almost any discussion. The success also testifies the numbers. In December 2020, the app reached a valuation of $1 billion and reached 600,000 registered users, which is even more impressive due to the fact that Clubhouse is accessible on an invitation.

If you want to be a Clubhouse member, you have to be invited by someone who is already using the app, and everybody who enters Clubhouse has only two invitations.

So, what Clubhouse do? It started as a response to Covid-19 quarantine isolation. After you join the app, you can see many rooms with different topics starring speakers. In the room, you have the main speakers on the stage, and they are discussing a particular issue. You can enter the podium and ask them your questions. It reminds phase after conference or concert when you can ask the performers.


Users+ 1 billion600,000
PlatformsiOS, AndroidiOS
Main FocusEntertainmentEducation

In the table, you can see that these two platforms are very different. Each of them following an opposite trend and is focused on contrasting target groups. However, even though TikTok and Clubhouse counterparts at this moment, both platforms are approaching the opposite site. Let me explain.

Nowadays, you can find on TikTok short educational videos or tutorials made by professionals. Of course, these are in the minority, and the vast majority of TikTok videos are still amusement. However, in the future, this branch can expand just as it was on YouTube.

The same thing is happening with Clubhouse. In the beginning, there were almost only improvement rooms, and all discussions were serious. Now, you can find there also funny and lightened topics.