The Best Free Dropbox Alternatives

February 29, 2020

With more than 500 million users worldwide, dropbox is, without doubt, one of the most popular cloud storage platforms. But there are many competitor sites like dropbox that offer a better cloud storage facility, security at no cost. In this blog, we are going to tell you the best free dropbox alternatives that are secure and come with a better-storing facility. : Toronto based has been one of the top or our best cloud storage comparison list for some time. To see why read our review. It also ranks high in our top five providers with large free space plans. 

Google drive: Google drive is a great cloud storage platform. It offers 15 GB of free storage- although that’s shared with your Gmail account- and sync to an unlimited number of devices. That sure beats Dropbox’s 2 GB and three devices. 

Microsoft Onedrive: Microsoft onedrive service offers 5 GB of free storage, which isn’t as much as Google 15 GB, but it certainly more than Dropbox 2 GB. Like Google drive, One drive doesn’t limit how many devices you can sync to. 

Apple icloud drive: Apple icloud drive is famously string, only offering 5 GB of storage of all your device backups, photos and files. While icloud drive is built into macOs, Apple also offers iCloud drive for windows. 

Final Say:

These are the best free cloud storage platforms which offer you enough space to keep photos, videos, files  and other content securely.