Ribbet’s Halloween photo editing contest was a big surprise

April 5, 2020

Every year Ribbet organizes Halloween contests for their fanbase. In this year’s competition, the only rule was to make your image look spooky, scary, simply with Halloween energy. The original version of a task: 

1. Simply spookify, ghoulify or vampirize your pic with Ribbet. Basically, do whatever you like with it, just make it scary!
2. Post your edited photo in the comments of this post and then post your original, unedited photo as a reply to that edited image.
Start by editing a photo at www.ribbet.com/app (desktop or laptop computer required). Enable Flash or download+install our Windows/Mac version. Upload your photo and head to the Seasonal tab to find the Halloween theme. You can also use our mobile apps to create your entry, but they don’t have the Halloween themed content – yet!

Ribbet and a special deal

More than 300 people participated in this contest for $1,000 cash prizes. There was no age or country limit, and you can rejoin how many times you want. At the start, there were technical problems, and some people tried to upload inappropriate images. However, the Ribbet team responded quickly and dealt with both issues. The Facebook post collected 20,000 likes, 200 shares, and more than 300 comments. It is big up for me. The competition ended on November 14th at midnight (Pacific Time: UTC-08:00), and winner Vania Susanto took $500 for first place. Congratulations! 

With this contest, Ribbet was also offering a special deal. Where you can get a free premium trial for 14 days and a 25% bonus if you keep the subscription plan. For our team, I have to say we look forward to next year’s competition because this contest is always a big surprise. It is fun to see all the people’s creations.