Which Pokemon GO web trackers are still working today?

June 29, 2020

We spoke a lot about Nintendo policies in the past. It is not a novelty; they do not like third party programs and teams who are trying to involve or change Nintendo games or copy them. Sometimes it seems Nintendo is trying to have a more closed ecosystem than Apple, and in many cases, it is true. In this light. How are the Pokemon Go trackers, maps, scanners, and PokeVision alternatives doing? Most of them were banished, or developers just stopped providing these alternatives when popularity decreased, the Covid-19 pandemic did not add to this situation also for those who do not know what these sites are doing. Let us introduce them. There are two major native Pokemon finders named PokeFinderand PokeHunter; both should tell you where you can find Pokemons in Pokemon Go because if you play this game straight, you can see only nearby Pokemons.

Track them all! Pokemon GO for veterans

Of course, it is best fun just blindly walking and finding Pokemons. However, this “tactic” works best for newbies, and it could be really frustrating for advantage players because you can walk blindly forever without finding new Pokemon. That is why alternatives like PokeHunter and PokeFinder were made, and these two are those who still work. On PokeFinder, you can see a worldwide map with Pokemons, the map is well-designed, and you can see where Pokemons were found in the past. All data are based on people submitting spots and votes, so it is not 100% accurate. PokeHunter works very similarly. However, they are providing better tracking of Gyms and Pokestops locations. There are many speculations about PokeFinder functionality because many people found this app really misleading and unclear. We tried it, and it was accurate in 50 percent of cases.

The conclusion is to try these apps if you are frustrated with finding missing Pokemons. However, it does not have any guarantee. Still, it is better than going blindly somewhere. Also, a good alternative is an extensive Discord, Facebook, or Reddit forums that share Pokemon locations, but it works only in or around the big cities. Finally, we have to say: Catch them all!