Nintendo in battle with ROM websites!

September 1, 2020

Before We get to the news, let us introduce the ROM model and the whole problem here. ROM (Read-Only Memory) is non-volatile memory used in old electronic devices. ROM games are a type of games based on old Nintendo (Sega Genesis, NES, SNES), Playstation (PS2, PSX, PSP) consoles and old computers (Bios ROMs) and the name (ROM games) was derived from devices which runs this types of games. Nowadays, people emulate ROM games on a computer and find pages and forums. Where are a lot of old games available to play for free? Now we are getting to the problem because Nintendo doesn’t like to be emulated, and They want to have all their games playable only on Nintendo devices.

In 2018 Nintendo pulled into battle and sued ROM sites for $100 Million. This lawsuit resulted in the massive shutting down of ROMs’ sites, and they continue closing them until today. However, some websites refused to give up, and some of them essentially boasted that they are not scared of Nintendo. For example, RomUniverse. However, they don’t have a chance, and Nintendo has filed a copyright lawsuit seeking enormous damages against the site. These Nintendo battles against piracy aren’t from our century; it started in 1980 with large trials. Most of the sites closed forever. Still, now, there are some web pages (CoolROM, Romhacking, LoveRoms, Freeroms) that refusing to close, and it is an infernal fight for Nintendo because most of the sites close before lawsuit conclusion and then reopen with the new name and sometimes also with a new owner.

Another side of the view. Most fans of Nintendo proclaimed that they wanted to play these games legally. However, Nintendo doesn’t care about emulating old games to new consoles. That is why people are mainly emulating Nintendo games over other platforms. For example, Playstation always tries to bring old games to modern consoles, and they make compatibility for it.