A massive increase of users on Lingvist and Readlang

September 5, 2020

We spoke about the language app Duolingo in the past. More precisely we talked about a new section for children. However, how is it with language-learning programs during these times? Let’s look at the Lingivist and Readlang app.

Starting with the Lingvist, an adaptive language-learning platform launched in 2014 and made by an Estonian company. Lingivist apps and web pages are easy to handle and they are using statistical analysis and big data to establish learning frequencies. Same as Duolingo the whole process of teaching is made like a game. As you can see above Lingvist is adaptive, which means it uses mathematical optimization to adapt the lessons to its users level

The method includes a memorize section, based on word cards, and the challenges area, which offers numerous reading, listening, and speaking exercises with dialogues and you will find here courses in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Estonian language. Lingvist is not a free app and if you want to use it you have to pay $19.99 / month or choose a quarter plan for $13.33 * / month or an annual plan for $6.67 * / month these prices are decent to the quality of courses.

Now we are getting to our second program named Readlang. This platform is simpler than Lingvist and you will get only reading sessions. However, Readlang made this section really great. It will help you to translate the words and phrases, learn words in context and you can add the browser extension and copy and paste text you do not understand.

To the news, both of these apps recorded a high increase of students and not only students. People try to spend their time in quarantine cleverly. More than 91% of global students have to study at home now and many parents are struggling with the challenge of homeschooling. If you are really affected by the Covid-19 pandemic give a chance to Lingvist and Readlang it should help you a lot with homeschooling.