Google Disconnects Google Photos From Google Drive

February 11, 2020

The Google drive is no longer in collaboration with Photos services, but there are still other means to achieve the same ends like with Google drive. Google has officially detached Photos from Drive and they don’t sync their photos any longer. The implication of this is that whatever changes you’re making to a file in one of them (DRIVE OR PHOTOS) will not apply to the other.

This detachment of these two services came as a result of some people being confused by their relationship. That being said, only “some” people found it so, but if you’re among those that really still want both services synced, a tool and a procedure have been provided for your advantage.

The tool is a Google tool by the name of Google Backup and Sync App. This app made available for Mac or windows has the function of backing up photos from your device – computer, camera, SD card, etc. To Google Photos and Google Drive, also uploading a copy on to both services for you. The setup procedure for this app is as follows:

  • Download Google Backup and Sync to your device(PC or Mac or Windows)
  • Follow it’s installation and sign-in instructions
  • If it comes up, allow the app access to your photos
  • The app will automatically create a folder where you can paste in files to sync with Google Drive.

Knowing this, it’s best to move on to how you can copy the photos on your Google Drive to your Google Photos:

  • In your Google Photos, select the option “ Upload” located at the top right-hand corner
  • Select Google drive
  • Highlight the images to be copied and tap “Upload”. Done! The upload of the photos to Google Photos will start.

Further Coverage: Cnet