Facebook User Database Leaked On Online Hackers Forum

February 18, 2020

267m Facebook user’s personal data and even phone numbers were leaked in a forum to be used by hackers and several other malicious actors. A database holding over 267m Facebook user Id, phone numbers and names was publicly exposed online. Although it has been brought down, information in the database was found on a forum on the web for hackers.

Comparitech, a cyber security site and Bob Diachenko, data security researcher through their partnership, discovered that database and have now shared a log of events. Diachenko who delves in looking for leaked databases on the internet and notifying their owners, discovered a Facebook users’ database and noticed that it was being illegally maintained. Diachenko contacted the ISP (internet service provider) in charge of the server IP address on which the database is stored. He reported it to the Internet Service Provider on 14th December after being leaked to a forum for hackers on 12th of December and then the database was later reported to have first appeared on the web on 4th December. The database was traced back to Vietnam.

This just so happens to be a big deal because tons of Facebook users let their phone numbers and several other kinds of personal information to be seen by the public on their user profiles. Hackers can then use this database to acquire a large target pool to improve their phishing and spamming attempts. If your personal information was included in the database that was leaked online, you have now become an easier target by hackers.

According to Diachenko, Facebook users in that database numbered up to 267,140,436 and most of them are from the United States. There, however, is no way to know if you specifically are affected.

The next step to take now would be to be extra careful of spam calls, emails, texts, invites to click links and unsolicited requests. To prevent your personal information from being part of this again, Comparitech has suggested that you set your profile to only allow friends to view your posts.

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