Duolingo now for the youngest ones?

October 1, 2020

We talked a lot about Duolingo in the past because, from our perspective, it is one of the best and simplest apps to learn a new language or extend your vocabulary. The basic model of the platform is free. That means you will get access to all sections, but Duolingo works on an “energy” model, which is implemented as a game mechanism. When you are out of energy, you can not continue. As a premium member, you have unlimited energy. However, do not worry; you can also re-charge energy by watching ads. Energy is lost when you fail in the sequence of tasks. Duolingo also offers a free premium trial for seven days.

Enough of basic information. Let’s get to the news. Duolingo team Scala launches a new section for the youngest of us. Duolingo ABC is a section focused on children from three to six years, and it will provide them with the basics of language. They can handle writing, reading, and speaking. Best on it is the fact that Duolingo is time-saving, and the whole app is developed like a game, so children will not get bored.

Duolingo ABC introduced earlier

Another plus is that Duolingo ABC is made by leading paediatricians and language experts from around the world. Nowadays, the section is only in English. However, Duolingo promised optimisation also for other languages like Spanish or France.

The Scala team wanted to launch this section later this year. However, after the coronavirus pandemic, they made the decision to introduce it earlier to help parents, who have to teach children by themselves.

Duolingo comes handy for adults also. If you have a few minutes every day and you want to learn a new language or expand your skills, Duolingo is an excellent way to go. You can choose to learn more than 30 languages, including Spanish, Russia, English, Czech, France and many others. All of them have English optimisation. However many of them have translations into many other languages for example from Spanish to France or from English to Czech.

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