Dark mode on Whatsapp

March 15, 2020

Recently Whatsapp had been testing their new ideas in the WhatsApp beta app for bringing new features to WhatsApp users this year. Today lets see the top 3 best upcoming WhatsApp features that are coming this year. The first most exciting feature that is coming to WhatsApp this year is the dark mode. Facebook has recently been working on making dark modes for all their apps. Whatsapp will also be having its very own dark theme sometime this year. When released the default theme will be light but users will be able to change their themes from the settings. The features will be available in the settings menu, where there will be a new option called “Theme”. Users will be able to choose between light and dark themes. The next feature will be that WhatsApp will be adapting the boomerang feature from Instagram. After having success on Instagram the boomerang has become quite a famous feature.

Now WhatsApp is also looking forward to bring the feature to its platform and give its users the ability to take quick, short videos that will play quickly back and forth. The third upcoming change is that there will be multi-device access in WhatsApp. Like Facebook and what they have done with their Facebook app, users will be able to login to their account using other devices aside from their primary smartphone. Whatsapp is currently working on the features where soon users be able to access messages without using their phones. There will be some kind of authentication system like login but the exact method is still unknown. Soon, people will be able to use their WhatsApp account, no matter whose phone there is. There are tons of more upcoming features in 2020 for WhatsApp, but these three are by far the most exciting ones. Users will now just have to wait and see how WhatsApp integrates these features in the upcoming months.