Danger on Omegle! The new movie Caught in the Net pointed to the truth

April 1, 2020

Film Caught in the Net from Vít Klusák hands that went to cinemas in February 2020. Showed us the bitter truth about the safety of our children on the internet. The documentary movie has one and a half-hour long footage. And you will get to know everything about social media predators and their activities on sites like Omegle, Skype, or Facebook.  

Omegle is notably one of the most dangerous places for your kids. This website is in the chat roulette category. That means you will get connected with random people through your webcam, and then horrible things happen if your child meets some stranger or pedophile. The worst thing about this situation is the number of crackpots occurring on chat roulette sites. More than 40% of males pull out their genitals and start to masturbate. 

Preparation for these types of situations was not easy for the whole film crew. The main actresses had to mentally prepare for every filthy thing that jumps on the screen. The whole concern starts in fall 2017 as a project for O2. The company wants a short video that will point out the problem around masturbation in front of kids on the internet. Vít Klusák crew made fake child profiles, and then shocking facts sailed to the surface. In only five hours, they got a sexual-based message from over 86 elder males, and they realized that a short video is not enough. The crew contacted plethora of experts and started to write a screenplay. 

The whole documentary movie is about three actresses Tereza Těžká, Anežka Pithartová, and Sabina Dlouhá, who made fake profiles on many chatting websites, and then they waited. Over 2458, sexual predators contacted them, and physical terror followed. The film is a blockbuster. In the first week, It sold out over one hundred thousand tickets and got a mostly positive score on film ranking sites like CSFD or IMDb.