Craigslist crimes

October 5, 2020

Craigslist is for most people in Europe, a concealed platform. However, if we go more west to the USA, Craigslist is one of the most popular advertisement websites with 300,000 postings per day. But How is it with criminality on this website? Let us peek under the hood and tell you the most infamous criminal news.

Let with the newest one. April 20, 2020, a 67 old Kenneth Wayne Cloud was arrested by San Antonio Police Department for sexual assault on a 31 years old woman. Woman says to the print that she only responded for the job ad found on Craigslist. Then she scheduled an interview with Kenneth (Owner of Cloud Roofing). 

The interview starts with no sign of anything unusual; however, after a few minutes, Kenneth offered a massage to the woman, she agreed. He took her to the basement, and she stripped to her underwear. He did not control his fantasies and sexually assaulted the woman. Still, most fascinating is the fact that the woman did not stop him because she was desperate for employment.

Sexual assault convictions on Craigslist

The whole problem starts after Cloud stopped assault when another woman arrived for an interview. Later, more than one Cloud Roofing staff told police that there were no jobs available, and Kenneth only baited women. Cloud was convicted for sexual assault, and his bail was set at $25,000.

The second case is more drastic. March 27, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported murder of Mendez-Hernandez’s. This crime was made using a Craigslist ad to lure victims. Jacob Berkovitz, 24, and Tonya Dillard, 27, picked up Hernandez’s and brought him to their home where they fatally stabbed, beat, and shot him. They were arrested after an anonymous phone call of a person who thought they killed someone. The dead body was found in the bathroom, the pair confessed to everything, and now they are waiting for trial.

These cases are not unique, and you should always be on guard when you trade on sites like Craigslist. On the other side, Craigslist should set more security standards because now everyone can trade without verification.