Is Clubhouse New Rising Star Between Social Media?

February 19, 2021

Clubhouse was created in response to quarantine isolation and was almost immediately flooded by people from the west coast of the United States, especially from Silicon Valley. However, did Clubhouse have a bright future, or is it just a tool to make the COVID-19 pandemic more pleasant? Let dive with us into the core of this newborn platform.


As has been said, Clubhouse was created in response to COVID-19 quarantine and immediately became a blockbuster which is evidenced by the $ 12 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz in May 2020.

In December, Clubhouse became global and broke the record of 600,000 registered users, which is impressive because the app is accessible only by invitation.

Another milestone was the interview with Elon Musk in February 2021, which bring even more popularity to the platform.

Main Purpose

So, why is Clubhouse popular? This question is appropriate. After all, we got platforms like ZoomSkypeTwitch which already have all functions of Clubhouse. Right?

Not, really. Clubhouse beside Zoom, Skype, Twitch, and alike is not for video conferences or entertainment through video chat. The platform should replace real conferences and especially the time after the conference when you can ask the speakers.

Clubhouse is without disruptive visuals, and it should bring you valuable information in its pure form from speakers across the world. The premise is simple, you got the main speakers in the room on the virtual stage, and they discuss certain issues. You can listen to them like on a regular podcast or go in the queue and ask them your questions or told them suggestions.

How To Entry

Clubhouse as a startup project has user limits. So, at this moment, the platform is only available by invitation. All newcomers get two invites to invite their friends, colleagues, or random people from their contacts.

All accounts are accessible from one device and attached to a single phone number. Clubhouse is available at this time only on iOS. All these limitations make Clubhouse quite a premium platform. However, you can sign up for free and wait until someone from your contact list send the invitation.


The question arises. Is Clubhouse a new blockbuster or just a momentary trend? And is it worth your time?

At this point, Clubhouse reached a valuation of 1 billion US dollars. The number of users raising and it is popular across all social media. The marketing team also hit well the premium feeling of the platform, and Clubhouse definitely hit the blank spot on the market. Unless it loses its quality, Clubhouse definitely has its place between current social media. Moreover, it brings back the pure contact between people without exaggerated readiness and polished visuals, which is missing in modern society.

To answer the second question. Definitely, Clubhouse overflows with information. There are many well-known names on the platform, like Elon Musk, Drake, Kevin Hart, or Jared Leto. On the other side, Clubhouse can be time-consuming, and if you are not into talking, classic podcasts will fit you more.