Chrome Apps Discontinued

March 18, 2020

Google has recently made announcements that it will be killing off the Google Chrome apps of the Chrome browser. Why has Google decided to make this decision? Let us find out.

The Chrome apps can be navigated by pressing the “Apps” button at the top left corner of new tabs on Chrome browser, under the back and forward buttons. They can be installed from the Chrome browser and works like independent apps that open on separate tabs when launched. They can even be pinned to the Start menu as standalone apps.

However, on January 15th this year, Google has announced the timeline for ending the Chrome apps support. It was stated, that by June 2022, all Google Chrome apps will be killed off on all platforms, even including on Chrome OS, which has by far, the largest number of Chrome apps users.

Google has made this huge decision based on their research, which has found out that less than 1% of Chrome users utilize the Chrome apps for any kind of work. Although there is a higher percentage of Chrome apps users on Chrome OS, Google thinks the numbers are still not worth keeping the Chrome apps.

Thankfully, most everyday websites nowadays, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Google Docs, are web apps or progressive web apps, meaning that the browsing experience for average consumers will not be affected. And Chrome apps are different from Chrome extensions, so the Chrome extension users have nothing to worry about.

It was stated that from March 2020, Google will stop accepting any new Chrome apps, although developers who have published their Chrome apps before March 2020, will be able to update their published Chrome apps till June 2022. 

Windows, Mac and Linux users who have Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education upgrades will have the option to extend their support for Chrome apps to December 2020. And Chrome OS users who have the Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education upgrades will have the ability to extend their support for Chrome apps till June 2022. But after June 2022, all support for Chrome apps will be permanently closed.

Google has made the right decision of killing off the Chrome app support since no one uses them. However, Google is working on making many more changes and bringing new features in place of these Chrome apps.