Brave buying their own money back?

September 28, 2020

Crazy times bring weird solutions, which was shown by the Brave. For those who didn’t know this browser. Brave is a free, open-source platform developed by Brave Software, and it should be safer for trading cryptocurrencies. You also got a built-in ad-blocking system that tracks ads and blocks every unwanted pop-up window that affords users more privacy. Brave had its own cryptocurrency named BAT, which can be earned by watching ads and in special promotional events.

According to the Braves trade transparency page, they bought more than 380,000 BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) back from the circulating supply. The whole payment was a maid in dollars. BAT is getting more and more attention due to Braves popularity increasing.

Brave had 8.7 million monthly active users in November 2019. However, now they hit a new milestone with 12 million monthly users and 4 million daily users. That is excellent news for Brave and BAT because it is getting more stable in the crypto world. Also, over 400,000 publishers make use of the Brawe Network compared to Youtube with 268,600 operating publishers; it is a big success. On Brave, you can easily support your favorite content creator with the Brave publisher program via the donation button.

Transaction made on Brave

The bad news is that most of the transactions made on Brave are still in fiat money (dollar, euro, libra). However, Brave started buying back their tokens in August 2019, and since then, they bought more than 1/5. The biggest repurchase was made in March 2020 with over 500,000 BAT tokens. The whole transaction was made in one day.

The good news for crypto-enthusiasts is the newly acquired partnership between Binance and Brave. Deals were made last month, and Brave now mediates the Binance widget for safer and easier transactions. Now can Brave users buy their favorite coins, including Bitcoin, Monero, Ether, Litecoin, and many others.