Best 5 alternatives for 2020

November 15, 2020
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Finding the right CMS platform for your video launching can be rough. Many of them are too expensive or offer a little. Between the top tier belongs Uscreen with the option to launch content on all major platforms like AppleTV, Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV, and provision of customizable video interface for VOD or OTT. However, Uscreen is not on the list. Today we are reviewing its alternatives that can compete and offer more in some ways.


Zype main page

First on our list is a platform used by big companies like Konami, Vevo, Vox Media, or Crunch fitness. Zype is not a cheap solution. On the other hand, it is not amateurish either. If you subscribe to the Zype package, you will get many premium features and one of the best OTT systems on the market right now.
Zype provides a fully customizable video interface, VOD feature, full-stack video API, or more than 28 video connectors and supports uploading in AVI, MP4, FLV, HTML5, MP3, MPEG, 3GP, and MKV.


  • One of most professional CMS on market
  • 28+ video connectors including Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV
  • Full stack video API
  • 24/7 live support
  • Demo version


  • More affordable for large companies
  • Expensive
  • Without mobile app


Muvi main page

Muvi is closing our most professional, however expensive video CMS tools circle on the market. Same as Zype, Muvi provides sophisticated tools to launch video everywhere. From your own domain to all major video platforms. Muvi also mediates professional statistics collected from all sources, so you can aim your videos and ads better and multiple payment gateways.

Muvi video player is fully customizable, and you can choose from tons of pre-created templates. Muvi is also innovating a lot and includes artificial intelligence to raise and reshape the streaming ecosystem, blockchain ecosystem, and GDPR, or other streaming service policy. That all without the need for coding or programming.


  • Broad palette of unique features
  • Provides mobile app
  • Multi-currency and crypto support
  • Hi-tech built-in functions
  • Free trial


  • Very expensive
  • Aims on companies


Dacast main page

Third on our list belongs between more affordable options for smaller companies and individuals. Dacast is a very solid online video streaming platform that offers Video-on-demand, Over-The-Top streaming and scheduling, and also a classic live streaming platform. However, Dacast is focused only on business to business and serves as CMS only in this zone, so you can’t use it for launching on Youtube or Facebook Live.

Besides these limitations, Dacast provides broadcasting of Live Sports, Fitness Classes, Events, and special programs for churches, governments, or education centers.


  • Affordable price
  • Special programs focused on government and churches
  • Advanced analytics
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • Focused only on B2B
  • Limited Bandwidth and Storage


Brightcove main page

Fifteen years old platform with an innovative attitude. Brightcove is one of the oldest video launching tools we discuss today. The platforms provide OTT and VOD to launch on your website or on major platforms, including Fire TV or Apple TV. On the other side, there is no option to launch or stream videos on YouTube via Brightcove. 

Brightcove offers many solutions across the board with the usage of a fully customizable video interface, video cloud, and deep analytics. All that for a good price.


  • Reasonable price
  • 6 languages
  • A great resolution for all videos
  • 24/7 monitoring system
  • Mobile app


  • Confusing web interface
  • Can’t launch or stream videos on Youtube and Twitch
  • Contract signing needed


Vimp main page

The last one is a little different and provides a free version for individuals. ViMP is divided into two categories for Enterprises and Education and for Web and Business. It offers what a solid CMS video platform should provide, and that is VOD, OTT, and classic streaming and launching solutions. 
ViMP mediates highly customizable video interface and cloud storage for your videos and is used by big companies like Audi, Bosch, HP, or MTV.


  • Free version
  • Years of experience
  • Secure cloud storing
  • Broad solution scale


  • Fewer features
  • Offers only on demand and after consultation 

Closure words:

These five are the best alternatives to Uscreen, and as you can see, the differences between some of them are noticeable. The first two solutions Muvi and Zype, are focused more on companies or individuals with high incomes. However, in return, they provide the broadest features and solutions palette and the possibility to launch all over the internet.

Third and fourth are golden means with reasonable prices, but with limitations of launching on platforms like Youtube or Twitch and last one titled ViMP is often picked as a starting solution thanks to its freemium option. Nonetheless, this platform can also mediate great features and turn years of experience into the simple launching of your videos.