Alamo offered to help U.S. military due to coronavirus pandemic

March 23, 2020

Many companies these days try to help as much as they can. Due to the COV-19 pandemic U.S. party Alamo Rent A Car offers a special deal for the U.S. military until May. Every soldier older than 18 can now use their service even for personal needs, and prices are also lower. This support was announced on Alamo official Facebook on March 16th. Original words.”  We’re committed to helping U.S. military members and government employees with their transportation needs during this unprecedented time. Now through the end of May, we’re lowering our minimum rental age from 21 to 18 for all U.S. military members and government employees renting for personal needs.”  

Also, Zoho wants to help. Over 8000, their employees are now working from home, and they offer the same deal for us. So now, you can get Remote team collaboration software for free until July 1st. With this move, Zoho tries to reduce the risk of infection. In official words, Zoho said,

“Your office is where you are. Coronavirus affects many businesses across the whole planet. Namesake Alamo Drive-thru doesn’t have the same luck as Alamo Rent A Car, and all branches were closed on Wednesday, March 18th, and they will stay closed until the end of the crisis. This sad news outraged many employees and customers of this service. CEO Carlos Sanches said As we follow the Coronavirus (COVID 19) developments closely, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to voluntarily and temporarily close down the Mercadome also known as Alamo Flea Market and the Mercedes Flea Market, effective Wednesday, March 18th, through Tuesday, March 31st,” the release from the flea markets said. “With the safety and health of our community as our highest priority, we feel it is our social responsibility to temporarily close our flea Markets to reduce the risk of spread of the Coronavirus during this pandemic.”