A new Steam function may overcome Tunngle and Hamachi

March 19, 2020

Steam has big plans with a new feature called “Remote Play Together. The function should allow local-multiplayer for two and more players, but only one player has to own a game. Then he can invite his friends for free! This big news was reported by game developer Adam Spragg via Twitter on 10th October. He said,” Hidden in Plain Sight fans… BIG NEWS! Steam is coming out with a new feature called “Remote Play Together,” allowing local-multiplayer games to be played online!

Only the host needs to own the game and can invite remote friends to play online!” The whole thing will be in beta testing in 14 days. What should the Remote Play Together offer? On the official Steam, there are promises about new features that should allow playing a local game via the internet, even for titles without multiplayer. Fluent streaming of your game screen, sounds, and voice communication without loss of quality and remotely shared keyboards, mouses, or gamepads. In practice, this means. For example, If you want to play Lego Star Wars with your friends, you can all stay at home and play remotely on your computers. These functions are a significant danger for applications like Tunngle or Hamachi.

Because Steam is a top-rated game platform, and almost everybody already has it on a computer. Remote Play Together will be released like a new update for Steam, and thanks to a feature where only one player has to buy a game, it won’t be expensive either. However, most of the Tunngle and Hamachi users are playing old school games or games that steam doesn’t support. In my personal view. I like most of the Steam features. They know what they are doing, but applications like Tunngle will always find their place, especially when it comes to old game hosting.

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