What is a best CRM software for 2020?

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If you are a part of a business world, you have seen the acronym CRM. Maybe your salesperson told you to put that contact into CRM. Or you are an aspiring start-up that is finding ways to improve themselves. Or you are in a business school, and you saw it in your textbook. 

What does CRM mean?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is an umbrella term for various software and techniques to manage relationships with your customers that has its foundation in a database in which you collect data.

If you are part of any business, you already use CRM software or some CRM techniques. Do you remember your most loyal customer? Do you have a notebook with phone numbers for all your clients? Then you are using a CRM in non-digital form. But that is usually not the most productive way to do so. You can save more time by doing less.

Are you using an Excel Sheet to collect everything? Then you are one step forward to making your business life better for yourself. Let's imagine that your excel file would also keep track of all channels of your communication. You can make more money by focusing  on meaningful work.

Or that you can answer your customers through it. Imagine how much easier it would be if the software would do it all for you. That is what the modern CRM system can do for you. 

Where do you find these CRM tools? Are there any free ones? And what is the best CRM for small businesses?

I searched the internet for the best answers and I want to find out how I can help you and your business.

These are the leading CRM solutions that we will cover together. But that is not all. 

Are you a small project that can not use any of these tools? I have another alternative for you; look in my article about the simple CRM software and technique that is 100 % free. 

Are you a small business that is looking for the cheapest option? There will be an article just for you.

Are you a medium business that is looking at how to improve their sales? Or do you want to kick up your customer-relationship with more comfortable customer support? I have an article just for you, data-driven, and with countless hours of research. 

Are you a big business that is looking for an alternative to your current CRM? Look no further; our team has created VS articles that show you the differences. In just two minutes, you will know if Hubspot or Pipedrive is better for you.

Why should you care about CRM?

Look at the following stories from my close ones.

Martha (32) bought a lovely and expansive necklace for herself. It had the ideal length and cute pears that shined during sunny days. But after a few days, she discovered that her sweat is damaging the metal wire connecting the pearls. She got back to the company website, found a live chat, and wrote her message asking for help. Since the store has been using one of the premium CRM systems, they received this message in their Slack (no need to check additional pages). One of the customer care managers got back to her within a few minutes. Thanks to this interaction based on the damaged product, Martha has become a loyal customer because she knows that they care about her. 

Jun (23) is a salesperson that knew the power of CRM from day one. And while Jun's coworkers were scribbling in notebooks, Jun was on the way to meet with a potential client. And while others were using sticky notes to remember what they promised, Jun checked an app on the phone. Sales this way were more natural because Jun only cared about his client. The revenue from this advantage helped the whole company to buy professional CRM and CRM training for the entire sales team. And guess what, their profits tripled since then. 

David (28) has a small start-up selling the best tabletop lamps. He is quite successful with more than 200 customers each month. But it was not always like that. In his beginning, it was just a chaotic hassle. Tons and tons of emails were flooding his inbox, and not even hours of videos teaching him how to get to 0-inbox could save him from this mess. Marketing emails, spam, customers, and more spam. He spent a good half of his workday just sorting through it. Then he searched What is CRM and his whole life changed. Now, the computer does all the long and tedious things for him, so he can focus on work that matters. Sometimes, he doesn't even open his mailbox for the whole day.

The story about David is the perfect one. Not only was he wasting his time, but because time equals money, he was not gaining a significant amount of revenue by managing his inbox. And let's not forget that he probably didn't make essential customers since he spent so much time on spam and so little on relationship building. Don't lose this opportunity to improve.

Use these stories as an example of what you can achieve with the right tool. And I am here to help you find it. You are unique. And I know that. I have been through this as well when my friend David and I started our start-up (the tabletop lamp guy). There was no answer back then. Everyone has the one tool to solve everything, but usually, it was just way off your scope. That is why our approach is the same as you - an individual

We don't tell you the best tool you do. You are in charge here. I have gathered information, but your votes and your own experiences are the ones that matter.  Don't oversleep on these.

CRM is the first step to growth

In business, there are two approaches to do a good company. 

  1. Product building -> make the best product you can and hope that the quality will drive the sales.

  2. Branding -> build your identity and sell more than just a product, sale experience, and feeling of belonging to a group. This is what most big companies like Tesla, Niké, or Apple do.

If you decide to go either of these paths, your business stands and falls on your customer management. Build a healthy relationship, create a loyal following, and convert them to your side. CRM is the first step to make your company grow. And this is no magic trick.